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LAO’s unpolished energetic and delicately intimate songs are not unlikely to bring up a small breeze - or maybe a shower - of happiness. The foundation of the sound is made by the two core musicians – Dirk-Jan Apoll and Tsveta Boneva - and their instruments: A homemade electro-acoustic hollow-body telecaster guitar and a gorgeous classical Bulgarian violin. Add some colourful harmonies and immersive melodies, top it off with some energetic - sometimes metric divergent – rhythms that give free rein to any movement that is hidden somewhere in your body, and there you are.. Live At Olympus. Enjoy!

Soon LAO’s first album will be released titled: We Are Live At Olympus. ‘We’ is an important word to us, because the more we see each other as part of ‘us’ instead of of ‘them’, the more naturally it will become to accept each other in our differences and similarities. Without addressing big polarising topics this album wants to call for an investigating mindset into why people do what they do and why people are who they are. You could call it micro-inclusivity that on the smallest scale starts with accepting who you are yourself. Because this can already be really hard sometimes, let’s have an open mind for how people can be different. In the end we’ll be stronger when we learn from one another.

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